What Parents & Students say



Faculty with vast Experience


Well designed Course Structure


Highly effective Class room teaching


Maticulously designed schedule


Lucid yet comprehensive content


Large No. of Excersises & Entrance pattern MCQs


What Parents & Students Say

“Structural Approach”

Thanks to the structural approach and well managed time-table, my daughter is able to manage the course content comfortably. The lecturer are kind and more than willing to impart knowledge sacrificing their personal time. Illustrations to bring conceptual clarity among students is appreciated.
Abdul Wahab Kataraki
P/o. Ms. Shaista

“Made my daughter confident”

Edu-Shrine is playing an important role in my daughter’s life. I feel my daughter is in the safest hands and doing her best for her future. I think this is what a parents we would expect our child to be trained like and Edu-Shrine is the best in catering to these needs.
Nagarathna K
P/o. Aakanksha

“Developed Scientific temper”

Edu-Shrine’s way of approach to teach concepts has really helped me to develop scientific temper. It has made me aware of the thought-process going in scientists head, before they had come with new ideas. I am really able to feel and enjoy the subject. It has made me curious enough to dig and learn more.
ASC College

“Virtual class at home”

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely appreciate the efforts put in by Edu-Shrine in coaching of the students and guiding them perfectly in there academics. My son really enjoys going to the classes even if it kept on call 7 days, there is no grumbling. I get a virtual session of his class at home.
P/o. R. Abhishek

Edu-Shrine is a better foundation for the students who work hard and wants to achieve something good in their life.

Manjunath D.R. | P/o. Ms. Tejaswini D M

Edu-Shrine helps to bring out the latent of students through hard work. The material which they provide is useful for various competitive exams.

Tejaswini D M | ASC PU College

Testimonials of

Our Happy Students

"One of the best Academic Programmes in the present day World of Education."

I’m very glad to be a part of Edushrine!! It is certainly one of the best academic programmes in the present day world of education. I am indeed grateful to it and also to its enthusiastic, exquisite and selfless working teaching faculty. In the present world of cut throat competition, I am sure Edushrine would serve as a springboard for all your exams and with their view to make students strong footed,they indeed help you come out with flying colours in not only board exams but also in all sorts of competitive exams. Each penny is definitely worth!!! My best wishes to Edushrine forever …to its future endeavours and I am sure it is going to reach the pinnacle of success shortly. But dont rest at your laurels….but keep going. I wish to join after few years ….till then I would cross my fingers. Thank you!!!!

-Sanghavi Ravishankar

"A Comprehensive Academic System to frame you as a Professional."

Edushrine is one of the best academic programme that I have ever seen. I am very happy because I am also a part of it. It is so obvious that you join edushrine you would rise your future. Edushrine has so many features , the best is that we get EPL (edushrine practice ‘n’ learn) this one we get it for each and every lesson of all the core subjects this would contain plenty of things to know other than NCERT. Then we do get Objective Study Materials for all the subjects which provides us basics in “Zenith” for starters and then come to “Transcend” which would contain extremely high level questions through which we can crack Entrances. We also write PTE (Perioduc Test for Entrances). Its as same as we attend JEE and NEET. This test occur twice in a month. So that we will be thorough with all the chapter’s MCQ’s. A fantastic topic introduced recently is the “Error Book” through which we correct your mistakes done during the PTE Exams and then also notice in which topic we are weak and the growth in studies. So there are many more aspects in EDUSHRINE which is a Comprehensive Academic System to frame you as a professional.


"Amazing training Institute for National Level Entrance Exams like NEET, JEE, KVPY and many more..."

As a part of the integrated program by EduShrine Academic Services, it gives me immense pleasure to share my experience as well as my opinion about this amazing institute training students for national level entrance exams like NEET, JEE, KVPY and many more… Let me tell u guys briefly about the whole system which is followed by us:

  • Firstly Teachers here are the best and very friendly. Every student is equally treated and are always encouraged.
  • Periodic tests for Entrance as well as Board Exams are conducted regularly i.e every Saturday for Board Exams & two weeks once for Entrance Exams, so that the student can overcome examination fear and just enjoy studying.
  • EPL’s – It is the study material, which is a substitute to the usual classwork. It will be having all notes and key points as well as numerical sums in the case of Physics,Chemistry and Maths. P.S these books are no way inferior to any standard reference books as they cover both Board and Entrance topics


"Student not only learns scientific values but also learns Human Values"

  • Entrance worksheets namely “Zenith” and “Transcend”- These worksheets have easy as well as standard questions which makes a student confident while solving MCQ’s and be crystal clear about the concept.
  • Curriculum followed here is literally amazing. Teachers have planned the whole year in such a way that portions are completed as early as possible so that students get enough time for revision.
  • Error book is another priceless material where the quote “Failure is the stepping stone to success ” is adapted effectively. A student will rectify his/her mistake which was made during the test through this book.
  • Discipline, moral values are given equal priority so that a student not only learns scientific values but also learns human values which r very much essential for a healthy character.

There r many more things to know but I have cut short it to just 7 points. So if u r in search of a coaching institute for ur child u know where to go…..Edushrine Academic Services

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