EDUShrine Techno


Target Exams & Courses


    - Physics
    - Chemistry
    - Mathematics
    - Biology/Computer Science/Electronics
    - English
    - Kannada/Hindi/Sanskrit

  • JEE-Mains (B.Tech/B.E./B.Arch/B.Planning)

    - NITs
    - IIITs
    - CFTIs


    - National Level B.Sc.Ag courses by ICAR

  • K-CET (State Level Admissions)

    - Engineering
    - B.V.Sc (If PCMB is opted)
    - B.Sc. Ag (If PCMB is opted)
    - B.Pharma
    - D.Pharma

  • KVPY (Scholarship cum admission Test)

    - IISc
    - IISERs

  • NEST

    - National Entrance Screening test for NISER

Target Exams & Courses

Program Locations

Nagadevanahalli (Kengeri) – Bengaluru
Rajajinagar – Bengaluru
Jayanagar – Bengaluru
Sarjapura – Bengaluru
Madhugiri – Tumkur-Dt
Nagadevanahalli (Kengeri) – Bengaluru


Rajajinagar – Bengaluru

7090772503 / 8217447029

Jayanagar – Bengaluru


Sarjapura – Bengaluru


Madhugiri – Tumkur-Dt


Start date

Every year – First Week of May
This Year COVID Delay – Third week of June/First week of July


Class-X from any board with minimum of 75% marks

Selection Procedure

ESSAT (EduShrine Scholarship cum Admission Test)

Course Highlights

Meticulous Schedule

Highly Researched & Developed Study content

Passion-driven faculty team

Comprehensive Assessment

Rigorous Monitoring & Mentoring System

Student Counseling & Mental Strengthening

One Stop solution for all the academic needs

No need for any additional tuitions

Course Overview

Why EDUShrine?

EDUShrine Advantage

"Academic Scholarships worth 1 Crore."

Up to 100% Scholarship on the Fee based on the performance in ESSAT

Success Stories



Medical aspirants. Teachers are passionate and enthusiastic! They give us exposure to various examinations and help students personally and teachers clear our doubts even at mid nights. Apart from teaching, teachers also motivate us and make us truly believe that we can crack the exams. They not only give us lessons from syllabus but also life lessons ! In conclusion, edushrine kept their words!

Harsha R

If im being brutally honest in this review , then this institution is the perfect place for students who want to be the best in whatever aspiration they pursue, in the field of science . The teachers truly are the best not because of any glorified statements but because all of them truly love their respective subjects . This was my opinion , as a student, about the institution .

Jagdeesha M.J

Edushrine is a wonderful platform to raise your future . Logical teaching and intellectual faculty help students to crack the entrances . Their approach to the students is marvellous. They motivate their students to achieve qualitative and logical education . If you want your child to achieve greater things in their life then edushrine is the best option

Chandramma Belagyr

Best teachers with very good supporting conditions and studious environment ...encouraging schedule and good guidelines...inshort ..if you are looking out for a place where you want to be comfortable along with the best are at the right place...its a fantastic instituitionđź‘Ť

Dhruthi Kp

This academic service is very good for NEET,JEE,CET and other competitive exams. Here there concentrate on both board and entrance syllabus. People aspiring for medico and techno can join here.They provide study materials which is very useful.The concept of mentorship is very useful for the students which keeps a check on them. The teachers here are very supportive.

Swetha Hari

Edushrine truly serves as a foundation for all Medical,JEE,KVPY and other entrance exams.The teaching faculties not only provide us with knowledge regarding the subject but also motivate and inspire us to achieve greater and greater milestones.Those who wish to rise their future, EDUSHRINE promises to be a part of it.


Edushrine is the best institute which has good collection of experienced faculties.They are just awesome in their teaching and clears all doubt which we have regarding subject.They conduct PTB for board exams and PTE for entrance exams which are very useful in improving ourselves. The teachers here are very supportive. They even appoints a teacher as mentor to look after the student's academic parts.

Jeevika L

An excellent coaching program with extraordinary teaching where teachers support, encourage students and train them not only for board exams but also for competitive exams like NEET, JEE, K-CET, KVPY etc, The best part here is the kind of study materials provided that includes all the concepts and contains questions from various previous year question papers.

    Our Faculty

    MSc in Physics (NET)

    Experience: 15 Years

    MSc organic chemistry

    Experience: 11 Years

    Suresh Kumar

    Experience: 15 Years

    Dr. Hemalata. S. Korannavar
    M. Sc, M. Phil, PhD

    Experience: 25 Years

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If it is the question of syllabus, after 2012 both are same. Qualifying examination is conducted by Karnataka PU Board in case of PUC and by CBSE board in case of Class-XI & XII. CBSE Board examination contains more application and skill based questions and is relatively tougher. While PU Board examination contains more Knowledge and understanding based questions and is easier.

    For Science

    CombinationSubjectsPCMBPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics & BiologyPCMEPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics & ElectronicsPCMCPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer SciencePCMGPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics & GeologyPCBHPhysics, Chemistry, Biology & Home SciencePCBSPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics & StatisticsCBPHChemistry, Biology, Psychology & Home Science

    KCET and COMED-K for joining MBBS/BDS/Veternary/B.Sc. Agriculture in Karnataka.


    AIPMT (All India Pre-Medical Test) – 15% merit seats in MBBS and BDS in India.

    AIIMS-MBBS Entrance for joining MBBS in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Jodhpur, Patna, Raipur, Rishikesh

    JIPMER-MBBS Entrance for joining MBBS in Jawaharlal Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Puducherry.

    Training students simultaneously for board examinations as well as entrance examinations. This is how an integrated coaching programme has to function.

    The lecturer who is experienced in teaching entrance examinations should teach from the fundamental of the chapter and for both board exams and entrances.

    Separate classroom practice should be given simultaneously for board and entrances.

    Tests should be conducted in both subjective (for board) and objective (for entrances) patterns.

    Regular analysis of performance should be done to diagnose strengths and weaknesses of students to help them best cope up with the programme.


    Since same teacher teaches from fundamentals to advanced concepts, there will be sequential building of concepts.

    Since it is a single institution for both preparations, physical stress of travelling is reduced.

    Learning at two different places confuses student due to different approaches towards the same concept. Also revision becomes difficult since two different concepts will be taught simultaneously. Such confusions are avoided in integrated programme.

    Mental stress will be lesser as separate exam schedules and time slots are given for board and entrance tests in same premises. In case of two institutions there is always chance for overlapping of tests and classes and demands sacrifice of anyone.

    Student gets ample time do self-revision at home.


    Edu-Shrine’s Study Material is the key factor of its Academic Programme. The Study Material by itself generates a System that enables the Management to monitor Faculty and Faculty and Parents to monitor the Students.

    Edu-Shrine Practice 'n' Learn (EPL); A Unique Study Material Cum Workbook

    Major reason for students not performing their best in academics is not experiencing the subject as soon as it is taught. There can be no debate on the fact that “Sooner they revise Longer they retain”. The EPL aims at achieving this. The book ensures that students experience the subject as soon as teacher teaches it and takes all the measures to even monitor their progress with the subject.


    • Sessions: Each chapter is taught in the form of selected number of sessions, each containing a sub topic that covers similar concepts.
    • Synopsis: Lucid yet comprehensive synopsis. Everything is not readily in printed form. Certain concepts like mathematical derivations, graphs, diagrams etc to be filled in by students while understanding the lesson.
    • Review Exercise: A set of questions to be solved in the presence of teacher to revise previous concepts that need to be mastered to understand the upcoming concepts.
    • Learning Exercise: A set of application based questions from a given concept which should be solved in the presence of teacher as soon as the concept is taught.
    • Numerical Exercise: A set of problem based questions to be solved in the presence of teacher after a formula based concept is taught.
    • Home Exercise: Additional practice for what students have learnt from Learning and Numerical Exercises to be solved at home. Questions in Home Exercise will be a replica of those in Learning and Numerical Exercises to build confidence.
    • Exam Corner: An insight into all the possible questions in Board Exams from the concepts taught so far. Application & Reasoning based questions to be answered in EPL book at home. Knowledge & Understanding based questions have to be studied from synopsis and learnt.
    • Additional Concepts for Entrances: Printed separately in boxes for students to differentiate the curriculum and study based on the test they are preparing for.
    • Mind Map: A sequential sum up of all the topics sub topics and important formulae of the chapter. Highly useful for students to evaluate their familiarity with the concepts at the end of the chapter or before any examination they face.


    • Equal Justice to all the Chapters: Since EPL is prepared as per the Macro Plan, distribution of exercises and questions will be done as per the blue print to do justice to all the chapters in practice.
    • Equal Justice to all the Batches: Since there are highly Learning centred exercises, students will digest the concepts well, irrespective of experience or the effectiveness of the Lecturer teaching them.
    • Lesser Books carrying burden to students: Since one EPL book per chapter is given, students can carry only the relevant book to the class.
    • Easy Monitoring of Students: As the space is provided below the questions for solving, Lecturer and Parent can monitor easily if students skip the exercises.
    • Easy Revision in case of Absentees: If students are getting absent on a particular day, missed out concepts are printed and exercises are available to ensure immediate learning of the concepts.
    • Convenient and Effective Completion of Syllabus: Since the burden of Notes and Questions dictation is reduced for lecturers, they can spend more time on ensuring understanding of concepts and finish syllabus well within stipulated time.
    • Enhancement in the Performances of Students: As the efforts and involvement of students is closely monitored, students standards will be uplifted much better as compared to the conventional methods.

    Edu-Shrine's Objective Study Material

    • A separate objective study material will be provided to complement EPL for Entrance Exam Preparation.
    • Two levels of Objective Study Material will be provided by Edu-Shrine.
    • EduShrine-Zenith
      For Initial level objective Practice that helps in effectively answering exams like CET/COMED-K etc.
    • EduShrine-Transcend

    JEE/NEET Level Material to ensure higher level practice and rank enhancement.

    • Questions are provided with sub-topic wise seggregation.
    • Each Chapter contains GUIDANCE CORNER, a set of class work questions covering all the possible models.
    • Guidance corner is supported by PRACTICE CORNER, all the models repeated with large number of questions for self practice at home.
    • Detailed hints and solutions are provided for all the questions of practice corner.


    Practice through tests is the key for success in examinations. Our testing pattern ensures better performance of students both in board exams and entrance exams.

    Type of Test


    No. of subjects

    Day of conduct


    Periodic Test for Board Exam

    (A subjective test to ensure good presentation practice and scoring in board exams)

    Any one subject

    Every Saturday 


    Periodic Test for Entrance Exams

    (An objective test to ensure time management skills and conceptual strength for competitive exams)


    PCM (JEE)

    PCB (NEET)

    Every Monday


    Grand Test for Entrance exams

    (An objective test to provide a firsthand experience in writing entrance exams)

    3 subjects-

    PCM (JEE)

    PCB (NEET)

    After completion three cycles of PTEs

     in all the subjects

    GTB Quarterly Examination

    A Grand test for the Board examination

    1 subject per day

    Will be Mentioned in the schedule

    GTB Mid Term Examination

    A Grand test for the Board examination

    1 subject per day

    Will be Mentioned in the schedule

    Pre-Final Examination*

    A final Grand test for the Board examination

    1 subject per day


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