After many years of studies and being branded as ‘Educated’ we end up getting a doubt on what was these many years of my education all about. There are many questions we need to pose to ourselves and find answers.

How did what I have learnt all these years help me in what I am doing now for livelihood?

How much I have grown as a person as the years of educational life passed by?

Did my education really help in making me stronger culturally, morally and ethically?

Did I imbibe the right spirit of humanity, right ambition towards life and choose right profession that brings recognition in society?

Come on! why would I revise all these once settled in life? you might think. You are right, you won’t. Even if you do, you need not search for answers. Because what you are and how your life is by that time will answer all these questions. So, this discussion is not for the ‘Settled’ people. Dear Students! This is for you as you are still in the path of exploring life’s options for you.

Just imagine yourself in the future where you have settled in life with any given profession. Ask the above questions. Give your imaginary answers. The answers you would be most satisfied with. The answers that would make you proud of yourself. The answers that might leave you with zero regrets at death bed. Now, it will be easy for you to plan your life such a way that your future will be exactly as in the answers expected.

To analyze what kind of answers would make you proud, you need to know certain essentials of education including its meaning (I am afraid most us are not aware of literal meaning of education).

Meaning of Education

The word education is derived from the Latin word ‘Educare’ which means to ‘Lead out’ or to ‘Bring forth’. Let us understand it better.

As you can see, the picture reflects seed germination. Now, what is our effort behind this process. Sowing the seed to supply nutrients and watering it. The potential of turning into plant lies in the seed itself and we just support it to channelize its potential. This is what education exactly does to us. It helps us streamline the energies hidden in us.

In the words of great youth icon, Swamy Vivekananda,
“Education is the manifestation of perfection that is already in man”  . We are already perfect by nature and education helps us execute the perfectionist in us.

In the words of Mahathma,

“Education is drawing out of the best in child and man – body , mind and spirit”. We are unable to show off the best in us. Education is a tool that brings out the best in us.

In the words of great philosopher, Socrates,

“Education is not the Filling of a vessel but the Lighting of a flame”. Wax has enormous chemical energy hidden in it. What we just do is to place a wick, mould it to candle and ignite it. It is the inherent chemical energy in wax that gives light to the world. Education is not assuming your brains empty vessels and filling it with information. It is igniting the energy hidden in you to help you help the society.

Purpose of Education:

  • To Gain Knowledge And Use It Intelligently In Life:
    It never is a right education if you have a feeling that your books and classroom are different from the outside world. Every moment you spend in knowing new things should be followed by understanding its applicability in the society.
  • Personality Development And Character Building:
    It never is a right education if after many years of education you are not clear about what you want. If you are slave of your mind and not its master. If you think and practice evil to achieve your life targets. Education should show you right royal paths of achieving exactly what you want. A path in which you had to hurt no one, not even yourself.
  • Acquire Social Status:
    You are really not educated if your name and fame is restricted just to your family and friends. At least a small part of society whom you do not know should know you. It is not the longing for popularity I am talking about. It is about the innate zeal to do something useful to the society that brings popularity and fame as a bonus.
  • Improve Economic Status:
    It would never do if I am a gold medalist yet strive for every penny due to lack of proper employment. Education should always take care of my vocational needs. But, you should expect education to cater only your need not greed.
  • Develop Culture:
    As quoted by renowned essayist A.G. Gardener in his essay ‘On Saying Please’, “it would never do if I am at liberty to box peoples ears just because I don’t like skull of their faces and scowl of their voices and gutters of the city would flow with blood all day”.
    It is education that teaches us saying very valuable words like ‘please’, ‘sorry’, ‘Thanks’. It is education that teaches us to be ‘nice’ even to those we do not know. It is education that tells us how to ‘behave ourselves’.

Why do we fail in Studies…?
Please take few minutes to try and answer this question yourself because I strongly believe you know the answer. It is just that you never try to find the remedy though you knew the problem. If you are done with your answers let me put forward my version of it.

According to me there are flaws in two areas; one our thinking, two our approach.

Problems in Thinking

  • We feel studies a curse not boon
  • We think it is a burden on our head
  • We always worry about the labour behind plantation not realize the sweetness of the fruits the tree gives in the future
  • We don’t realize the joy of learning
  • We always look for entertainment. We don’t know the pleasure in edutainment.

Problems in Approach:

  • We study for marks not for the knowledge
  • We work for the results, don’t plan for the efforts
  • We don’t plan to sacrifise a part our today for our tomorrow. We compromise with the comforts in today.
  • If this attitude and approach are modified you would study by ‘will’ not by ‘force’. You would finish courses by ‘Choice’ not by ‘Chance’.

How to Make Studies Interesting…?

It requires a sequential and ongoing process to make studying willful. Apart from digesting what I am going to explain further you should make a sincere promise to ‘yourself’ to believe this strongly in mind and stick to it till the end. Unless ‘You’ believe it you won’t follow. You should promise ‘yourself’ because you are the last person you can be disloyal to.

Let your dream be bigger than your aspirations. Larger than life’s canvas. More potent than your potentials. More magnanimous than your stature.  This is because while trying to achieve larger things than your capacity, you are transforming yourself into a better person than you are.

Dream is the ultimate and end target of your life. It is obvious that you can’t jump directly to it. You need to use a stair case. Each step of the stair case represents the immediate goal of your life. So, short term and long term goals should be set keeping in view the dream.

After you know ‘What to do?’, the question left will be ‘How to do?’. It not suggestible to draft plan of action all by yourself. Don’t hesitate to take the guidance of right person. One who has either succeeded or tried and failed in the field of your choice. Remember, failure people are better guides than the successful.

I need not stress that dedication is the major factor that can ultimately achieve your dream. All the above are just the tools that support your dedication.

Mind is your instrument. Learn to be its master, not its slave. Whatever mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve it. It is up to you to decide whether to feed good or evil to your mind. Whether to give right or wrong instructions to it.

How do we decide what to feed to mind? Let our brain decide it. Brain is physical and controls intelligence. Mind is unphysical and controls emotions. Let your emotions not dominate your logic. Let your whims and fancies not dominate your noble dreams. So, always be watchful of your thoughts. What your subconscious mind thinks decides how you behave when you are conscious.