CET ranks are released and NEET ranks are awaited. Many of you will be eagerly waiting for counselling process to commence and will be busy going around seeking information and asking suggestions to people regarding counselling.

Here is brief information for you about the counselling procedure just to ensure you will not be completely strange to the overall process of seat selection, options entry etc.


Following are the steps after finishing which you will end up in your graduation in a college and course of your choice (or the ones left out for you I may say).

  1. Rank Announcement
  2. Document Verification
  3. Provision of Acknowledgement and 8-digit secret key to be used as user id during options entry
  4. Non-Interactive Online seat selection
  5. Mock allotment of seats to get preliminary idea of your admission and to plan alteration (If any)
  6. Modification of options entry for final allotment
  7. Final Seat allotment and selection of Choices by students
  8. Finalisation of seat in one or more rounds and payment of fee
  9. Report to the College for Graduation course.


16 centres are allotted across the state for document verification, Bangalore will have only one centre. You will have to carry Original as well as photo copies of all your certificates, while you will be submitting only the Photo copies (Attested by Gazette officer).

  • The list of certificates includes the following:
  • CET Application copy signed by Principal of the college
  • Class-X Marks List
  • Class-XII Score sheet signed by Principal of the College
  • Relevant reservation Category certificates (If any)


An 8-Digit secret key will be provided after verification of certificates to Authority’s satisfaction, along with the acknowledgement copy. This Secret key will be used as the USER ID during online options entry.

This key cannot be lost or revealed to anyone as one can hack into your account and alter your options which would be a career spoiler


Students! This will be the most crucial part of the process. The ground work you do before filling the options is as much important as the seat selection itself.

Ground work you need to do is…

Download seat matrix of relevant course from previous year (2016-17), which will be available in the website www.kea.nic.in.

This matrix gives an insight into the best colleges in the state. The college which had the least cut off rank in a given course should be the most preferred one. You may set your priorities also accordingly.

You will set the priorities in the decreasing order of college standards or courses. However, the old seat matrix will give you an approximate idea of which college and course you may get.

List out the possible colleges you may get and visit them to understand the ground realities, so that you can choose the best among them.

Seat Selection is done by following the steps below

  • Download the current year seat matrix released by KEA
  • Log in to KEA portal using Secret Key
  • Do the options entry for both colleges and courses

Remember that…

  • There is no limit for the options entry. You can give all the courses and colleges in a priority order that you want. So, please work on as many options as possible to choose out of knowledge. Rest you will be anyhow just copying.
  • There will be 5 days limit between date of announcement and date of closure for online entry.
  • Until the closing, no seat allotment will be done. So, the apprehension that we should be on our marks to do the options entry as soon as it opens is not true. However, do not keep it until last minute, lest you should face network related issues and end up in trouble.

The courses list shall include…

  • Engineering and B.Pharm for Non-Biology Students
  • Engineering, B.Sc. Veterinary, B.Sc. Ag, B.Pharm, BNYS for Biology students who wrote only CET
  • MBBS, BDS, Engineering, B.Sc. Veterinary, B.Sc. Ag, B.Pharm, BNYS for biology students who appeared for NEET & CET

It will be a consolidated options entry where you start with your highest priority course.


After the closing date of options entry, there will be a mock allotment of seats. This is just to give you an approximate idea of what you may get. If you are OK with it, you will ignore and wait. If you had any change of plans, you may alter your options.


After the closing date of Mock Allotment, there will be final seat allotment done, looking at which you are asked to make any one of FOUR CHOICES.

Let us understand the details and repercussions of the 4 Choices.


If you took this choice, all your options are closed and inevitably you have to report to the concerned college and course. So, you will take up this choice only if you got everything perfectly as per your expectations.

You will pay fee online using Net Banking/NEFT/RTGS/Pre-printed Challan in 3 to 4 Bank options they give you. (The Challan would contain all your details).

You will download ADMISSION REPORT after payment.

You will report to the college within the last date along with Original Certificates.


This would obviously be the most common choice of all of you, because apart from having hold on the present seat, you have chance to attend second round where you may find better options. Unless you got the best, do not go for CHOICE-1, better go for this one.

If you choose this choice, all the options you gave lesser priority than the allotted one will be deleted (Options Below the allotted).

You will wait until second round to see if you get any options above this (better ones as per your preferences). If you get, you will surrender this and take the better one. If not, you will retain this. Now, if you got say 10 options better seat, then automatically all the 9 below that will be deleted.


In this case, allotted seat will be deleted. Rest all the options will be with you. The best possible one from the rest of the options will be allotted in the second round. You may get a better option than the one you rejected based on the surrenders from first round.


In this case all your options will be deleted and they become open for others. Generally, students who got seats on national platforms or decided to join any deemed universities take this choice.

This choice also must be mentioned. Otherwise, your allotted seat remains with you and gets unfilled. You may incur penalty from the Government.

NOTE: Once made a choice cannot be reverted.


Cancellation means that you are detaching yourself from KEA completely as you got seat from other Authority or Deemed university. If you want to continue with KEA and just looking for option change, it is called surrender of seat.

A seat selected in first round should be cancelled before the last date which will be generally before second round. Similarly seat chosen in the second round should be cancelled before third round.

Upon cancellation within last date, only Rs. 5000/- is retained, rest will be returned. After the last date no amount will be returned. (Students who appeared for BITS and have a chance for the seat generally forego their money with KEA as the dates do not match)

If all the last dates are over and admission report is downloaded and then you think of cancellation, policy will be out of KEA’s hands and you will have to negotiate with the college to collect your certificates and cancel the seat.



  • Engineering aspirants should download the last year cut off ranks college wise and course wise to get a prior idea on which college and course may be possible for your rank. It can be downloaded using the link: http://kea.kar.nic.in/cet2018/R1/engg_cutoff_gen.pdf
  • Visit the campus and meet the students of concerned departments and enquire which college out of the available options appears best in quality.
  • While assessing college, please collect information on the campus interviews history of the college. Gather answers to the questions like which companies conduct interviews in the campus, How many of them are core based, what are the highest, lowest and average salaries provided in last three years.
  • For PCMB Students course wise and college wise priority should be given. Your priority order for courses shall be MBBS, BVSc, BSc.Ag, BDS, BNYS, D Pharma, B Pharma and Engineering if you are mainly thinking of medical field.
  • In case of MBBS, highest priority should be given to all the Govt. medical colleges followed by the private colleges based on their ranks and standards, which can be investigated from internet. GMCs not only provide quality medical coaching at low fee but also gives best hands on practice and stipend during your internship.
  • Please do not join any random engineering college just for the sake of B.Tech certificate. That neither sculpts you into a professional nor supports you with campus jobs. Regular B.Sc, and M.Sc. would be much more valuable options than that.
  • This blog was just to give you an outlook so that you should not be completely strange with the process. You will keep understanding things better as you proceed with it.


This blog was just to give you an outlook so that you should not be completely strange with the process. You will keep understanding things better as you proceed with it.

Make better choices, join best courses, head towards a great future.

Any further queries can be asked in the comments section. I will answer them for you.

All the best for all your future endeavours