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Social Studies

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Course Overview

Edushrine Grade 8 – CBSE Course (ESG8-CBSE) Subscription is unique learning course covering all the topics from every chapter along with Unlimited Access to LIVE Courses, All India Test Series, problem & solutions. This course is taught by more than experienced Teachers with 15 years of experience from across WEST and SOUTH INDIA. This course empowers every student with the freedom to choose how she/he learns so as to perform at the top of their natural potential achieving their top score due to highly personalized learning from Edushrine Academy.

As Edushrine Grade 8 – CBSE Course student, you will get access to

  1. Around the year Revision, exam prep, Olympiads & Turbo Math, & on-demand sessions on all the chapters. 
  2. Unlimited interactive LIVE Classes, post class recordings & notes, assignments & all India level tests.
  3. Instant Unlimited Math problem solving on every day from 8 am to 8 pm.

Course Highlights

  • Live Interactive Sessions

  • Unlimited demos

  • Unlimited Q&A

Unlimited Q&A and Problem & Solutions.

Ask your questions or Math problems any time, any place! Our experts are available on chat from 8 am to 8 pm to solve your doubts instantly.


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Not only academic performance improved but also found personal change for better. We are more relaxed as parents.

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Testimonial #3 Designation

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