“Struggle for existence “ and “Survival of the fittest”
This famous Darwinian statement applies to all fields

Chapter priorities in Biology

  1. Focus on each and every sentence of NCERT rather than going for important chapters, read each and every sentence from NCERT.
  2. Concentrate on chapter Cell biology and Cell division – Understand concept and get good knowledge as it connects you to Genetics.
  3. Plant physiology – Another beautiful chapter with some links of Biochemistry. The reactions and enzymes are exam proned.
  4. Biomolecules – Another linked chapter to Genetics. Develop grip on the Enzyme part that is essential in Medico-chemical part in future
  5. Human Physiology – One of the most Interesting and Important chapter from your First PUC. Many questions are expected from this while observing the previous papers. Also, this unit expects wide knowledge and extra-NCERT information. On more thing…. This is scoring chapter
  6. Plant Morphology and Anatomy – Memory based unit with practical understanding of plant types and microscopic analysis. More volatile. But scoring ….
  7. Reproduction – A scoring chapter with maximum questions from NCERT, but at least one or two questions other than the text. Go through any reference book prescribed. Comparatively simple unit.
  8. Genetics – The best and technical subject among all units. It needs interest, curiosity, deep knowledge about hereditary concepts, scientific discoveries as it leads directly to Research and Development of Molecular biology and current science. Refer NCERT along with reference books. Concentrate while teaching. Get expertise by discussing more conceptual parts with your teacher.
  9. Biotechnology – Needs the background of Molecular biology and its applications in research. Requires special skills to play with the subject. One can enjoy it by reading, watching videos and studying scientists research articles.
  10. Ecology – Memorizing chapter but highly scoring. Need to by heart the Names of National parks, sanctuaries, rules and regulations by the government. Must read some extra – reference books. Watch any documentary like National geography. Need to know current environmental issues like Ozone depletion, Global warming etc.

In NUT-SHELL the student needs to get thorough with NCERT, and to score better go through any Reference book.